Hair Services

Hair Care and Color Magic

Prices vary depending on the guest's needs and wants. Other factors involved in pricing are the level of the stylists and hair length.


Hair Cut and Style

Prices start at $52 and up depending on the level of the stylists.

30 minutes$52.00

Men's Cut

Shampoo & Hair cut for Men

30 minutes$32.00

Kid's Haircut

Kids 10 and under receive this special price.

30 minutes$27.00


Cap or Foil
Prices start at $95

60 minutes$97.00

Partial Highlights

This is a touch up service for the client that already has highlights or for the guest who wants a more subtle highlight technique. Starting price is $75

60 minutes$77.00

Dimensional Highlights

Two color highlights

Starting at $137$137.00

Ombre Highlights

Ombre n. A French term meaning "shaded." In hair color normally the effect is a half brown, half blonde look but can be other shades including black and red.

2 hours$137.00

Dip and Dye Hair Color

Some people confuse dip-dye with ombre style. They are similar- both involve shades of colors, but the similarity ends there. While ombre style involves a subtle change from one shade to the other, dip-dye is bold and more times than not a fashion color.

90 minutes$137.00

All Over Color

Permanent color
Starting price is $65

30 minutes$67.00

Conditioning Gloss

Conditioning Gloss

25 minutes$27.00

Chemistry System Conditioning Treatment

Conditioning Treatment

30 minutes$27.00

Scalp Treatment

To remain healthy and youthful, the scalp requires a monthly treatment that will nourish and replenish nutients.

20 minutes$27.00

Shampoo and Style Out

A salon treatment that starts with aromatherapy shampoos and conditioners. A blow out style completes this service. Prices start at $30 depending on the stylist and whether a flat iron or curling iron style is desired.

30 minutes$32.00

Shampoo and Curly Style Out

Spa shampoo and style out using a hot tool to put wave into the hair.

30 minutes$42.00

Bridal Up-Do

Bridal Up-Do

60 minutes$77.00